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China architectural decoration industry concentration is further improved
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        China architectural decoration industry in 2011 still keep high growth, and present market structure in the industry and the characteristics of the enterprise structure changes. "2011 China architectural decoration industry is expected to achieve 12% growth rate, the whole year is expected to finish projects total output value reached 2.35 trillion yuan."

        Building decoration industry market area structure is more balance

        China architectural decoration industry there are long-term strong and weak in the west of the east obvious difference. Along with our country the great development of the west and central Ku up, northeast China, the implementation of the strategy of development, and the western area of the architectural decoration industry rapid development, the future architectural decoration industry market from regional structure will tend to balance.

        Especially the Beijing Olympic Games and the world expo in Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, jinan universiade Asian games and other large-scale activities under construction at the national games, overdrawn local basic construction tasks, PVC windows  local adornment market growth weakness. And in central and western areas decoration market because the policy the support strength big, strong growth, building decoration industry market from regional structure more show balance.

       In the west, the resources city quickly Ku on, construction project, the construction standards and high investment, and a strong ability to local architectural decoration market is developing very quickly. Because of the economic system and mechanism of real estate developers and the deepening of the reform of the strategic shift, the development and construction of the structure are more diversified, especially large decoration project, privatization will increase the owner.

        Architectural decoration industry concentration is further improved

        Because our country building decoration market increasingly mature, building decoration enterprise brand effect is more and more big, the brand in engineering resources distribution of functions are becoming more and more important, aluminum windows a well-known big enterprise, the speed of development are much higher than the average level of the industry, the concentration degree of the industry rise further.

        With the improvement of concentration, enterprise structure also had a great change. Large collectivization decoration enterprise quality and quantity of improving steadily; On the professional development of the enterprise, the professional development ability strengthens unceasingly; The characteristics of small business is more and more serious. Enterprise overall number though slightly reduced, but structure more reasonable, survival and development ability generally increased.

        As with the market demand constantly optimize the structure of the enterprise, market segmentation unceasingly thorough, professional engineering projects has increased, in the order of market competition is improving, large enterprise in large engineering projects of improved cooperation








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