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Cutting to the wise and passes a dab hand jinxiu spectrum
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      At the beginning of the year, WeiYe by shenzhen decoration group Co., LTD company accepts the National People's Congress standing committee of the people's great hall hall reconstruction projects section of the renovation project to a different outlook appearance, and the smooth through the related departments of the acceptance.

      The standing committee of the National People's Congress conference hall reconstruction projects WeiYe decoration project is shenzhen group Co., LTD company following the great hall of the people, jiangxi hall, national reception hall yunnan hall, PVC windows  golden hall after another from the national key project and also church building in 50 years in the great hall of the people, the biggest of a reconstruction project.

      "As a project total package units, we understand that mission glorious and responsibility is significant." WeiYe holding company chairman ZhangHanQing said that the cash for the comprehensive quality, safety, schedule, and other commitments, WeiYe put this project as the top priority of the decoration engineering group company, from all over the country in the engineering project (the most excellent technical personnel and workers, and formulated a rigorous, scientific construction plan in the great hall of the people under the leadership of the administration care and guidance, the relevant departments under the full support and brother of close cooperation of the construction system, scientific management, elaborate construction, stresses the quality, rob progress, all the construction personnel with a high degree of pride, sense of responsibility, work together, working day and night to fight to the more than 200 days and nights, finally the successful completion of the engineering construction projects, will solemn atmosphere, style of the section of the outstanding project perfectly demonstrated in front of the world.

      This project task very difficult, construction range, is difficult, time tight." The great hall of the people responsible for the administration of conference on Wednesday, WeiYe adornment once the great hall of the people to build the golden aluminum windows hall such excellent project, in the National People's Congress standing committee conference hall in reconstruction projects, WeiYe adornment continue to play the shenzhen special zone of development, hard work, and enterprising spirit, ensure project time, ensure the quality, complete, they expressed heartfelt thanks.

      China building decoration association LiBingRen President, shenzhen decoration industry association HeWenXiang President also says, the great hall of the people in the hall hall of decorate, of our country's government places the highest standard of decorate level, WeiYe decoration has several times for the great hall of the people decorate provide service, which is not only to shenzhen and national pride of decoration industry, more shenzhen and national adornment enterprise has set an example, hope WeiYe adornment continue to carry forward "only sincerity, viction, high quality, and high efficiency" of the spirit, in order to promote the decoration profession development to make the contribution.







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