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Beijing qianmen street decoration engineering quality care
1/3/2012 8:31:12 PM  Hit:5
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      Recently, the reporter found, repair, open street three years of Beijing qianmen street in decoration engineering quality problems arise. Reporters in the 840 meters qianmen street see, individual building the wall of the surface appear discoloration, peeling, cracks and other phenomena, many building the red paint of GongZhu and grille adornment lacquer face blister, empty drum, become warped edge, ruffled.

      The main street of the front door decoration engineering in just a 3 years appear quality problem, is material improper selection?PVC windows  Or design reasons? Jerry is? Or lack of regulation? Although the cause is not clear, but cast period cause quality problem is the fact that does not dispute.

      According to information, qianmen street is the sign of old Beijing, also is the core of the ancient style protection areas. On May 9, 2007, the front door started mass street repair regulation, on August 7, 2008 officially open street. aluminum windows After more than a year of sanitation and qianmen street restored and a building, 41 old old gate face, the central street to the royal/white marble slabs, emersion the in s heyday in the style, be JingWeiEr a pedestrian street.







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