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Building decoration into "creative age"
12/28/2011 8:31:38 PM  Hit:6
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      China architectural decoration industry after "apprentice era", "craftsman era", now has jumped into the "creative age", "design lead construction, creative control competition" is the period of the main characteristic. A few days ago, by the China architectural decoration association and shenzhen decoration industry association to host, shenzhen overseas decoration engineering Co., LTD, undertaking the China adornment 30 years of release ceremony to be held in Beijing. The book through to the Chinese architectural decoration industry 30 years of history has a pattern of reduction, summarizes the China architectural decoration industry in the history of the development of 30.

      The China adornment 30 years "is the PVC windows Chinese architectural decoration industry to form the first time Chronicles, in 1981, the industry was born for start, will be in 30 years as the development of the industry, and strive to objective real reduction in the past, sum up lessons, and at the same time with the future thinking and analysis, pointing out the direction of the development of the industry. The China adornment 30 years of China architectural decoration industry for the future development of judgement, industry will enter the development of new track: one is the design status will be more and more prominent, "originality is money, innovation is life" the idea will further verified, "original value" more and more recognized, "originality" will become adornment industry chain in the important value creation link. Two is the ability of the specialization of increasing requirements, design, construction and related services level more and more prominent, make the decoration profession industrialization development become the trend of The Times. Three is the capital strength intervene, make adornment enterprise have to develop industry chain and sustainable development of the capital base, will be more widen the channel industry profit. Four is environmental protection and energy saving as an industry during the future development must face up to the higher requirement. Five is adornment enterprise out of the country, the way of internationalization of road conditions are gradually mature, international development times endows the industry the development direction of the inevitable. In the future development mode, aluminum windows industry will be going into more standard, orderly, high-end competition pattern, of the survival of the fittest in market competition, industry will finish higher levels of purification and sublimation. At the same time, along with the industry to promote the sustainable development of the industrialization, adornment enterprise architecture industry chain leading the "big adornment" concept will become possibility of industrial structure will also be redone.







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