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Speed up urbanization promote construction quality
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      To speed up the economic society comprehensive development as a whole, linqing city insist that urbanization as economic and social development of the biggest platform to build economic and cultural powerful tourist city as the goal, strengthen urban cluster development, urban and rural development, urban and rural sustainable development "three principles", according to a high starting point, high standard planning and positioning of high quality construction, high efficiency management of the "four high" principle, the faster overall construction "one thousand years to the county, the canal city" pace.
High starting point positioning, scientific plan urban development. Linqing municipal party committee and the city government regarding the construction "advanced manufacturing base, regional commerce center, the modern cultural tourism city's development goals, based on the canal in one thousand, the city began ancient county brand, according to construction for green veins 3 face canal water system of ecological livable cities and urban liaocheng city of vice positioning, in line with" the culture, the prominent characteristics, it is with the person this, ecological livable "principle, vigorously carrying out urbanization development strategy, according to" the ten longitudinal 10 "and" or three towns and five districts of the city planning and construction pattern gradually pay special attention to.
      The high level programming, the picture is town construction blueprint. Linqing always adhere to the urban construction planning first philosophy, has high standards of the overall urban delimits, linqing southern new regulatory detailed planning and perfect town planning system. Since this year, with the current city village reconstruction and new rural construction, high standard do well the city village reconstruction planning and new rural construction planning of, so far, the detailed planning of the city's urban covering 98%, where the detailed planning coverage rate will reach 45%, urbanization rate reached 49.1%.
      High standard construction, perfecting the urban facilities function. In recent years, linqing city municipal party committee and the city government adhere to reform the old city and start new city simultaneously, perfect function and create a bit more beautiful pay equal attention to, the function of the city has been improved, urban grade rise.
      the new construction, to the canal culture square, linqing FuSheDian theatre, in the south east, all initiated new city construction. This year the city planning exhibition hall, the canal to museums, cultural centers, linqing celebrities such as place PVC windows "six house" as the main body of the canal culture center was established and opened, formed the system shows linqing canal culture city brilliant history and the modern culture of moon cake urban construction window, effectively stimulating new town development construction.
      in the old city reconstruction, the municipal party committee and the city government linqing city as the village reconstruction of the construction of the urban development key, in line with the maximum principle of benefiting the people, in the compensation and resettlement for dismantlement policy "and the" big policy principle, in the reform policy utmost privilege, fully contributed to the masses, the support of the positive the enthusiasm and initiative; Second good propaganda launch, take use of radio, television, slogans, held a variety of forms such as mobilization meeting at all levels to promote, build strong public opinion atmosphere. So far, mulberry field 18 villages and smoke shop ZhangZhai LianCun etc XiangZhenCun 22 has already been fully implemented the demolition and construction work, has the area of 920000 square meters and the annual the area of 1 million square meters, started construction area of 1.51 million square meters, is expected to start construction area of 1.75 million square meters throughout the year, including senior, small high-rise construction can be up to 120 seats, is the sum of the construction of five years before two times as much, do the planning and design of high level position, perfect function facilities, the construction quality and safety regulation strictly, make sure that each project construction become the masses are satisfactory project and model project. Do well in the city and the countryside village reconstruction of the construction of the new house, meanwhile, continued increases the city city linqing comprehensive development and affordable housing construction force, in view of the housing difficulties of low-income families in the actual, linqing municipal party committee and the city government's attention, take the government investment, market means such as operation, high standard of 660 sets of affordable housing construction, and further address the housing difficulties of low-income families in question.
      This year the greening started three years DaHuiZhan action, focus on "a bit", "two river" "three road", "four" area several aspects of the whole city garden greening, new green area is 1.28 million square meters; In flood season comes before, had implemented the way, and a number of drain's flood control and drainage facilities, effectively resolve the low-lying city part water serious problem section; Article 60 of the lane road sclerosis modification; Article 20 for lane installed the street lamp, convenient lane citizens travel; Improve the public road, longshan road of southern southern road upgrading and secondary roads in the city of maintenance; The implementation of urban public WCS 54 built rebuilding project, effectively solved the difficult problems of public toilet; Good old canal bright project, high standard installation LED digital tube aluminum windows 5600 meters, 138 the lamp, for added a beautiful city linqing city at night; Start the park governance reconstruction work, for people to create a more graceful leisure fitness and entertainment. Further improving the public facilities, improve the service level of the public, the implementation of the second phase of the sewage disposal deep treatment engineering, has put into use, can effectively achieve the recycling of the waste water use; Good waste plant operation, with daily life more than 240 tons of trash, waste harmless treatment rate reached 100%; Further perfected the heating facility construction, for winter heating provides good security; Laid to smoke shop, PanZhuang, tang yuan appplication of gas pipeline network, solve the rural fuel gas supply the problem of low level, for the new rural construction provides a basic guarantee, further enhances the carrying capacity of cities and comprehensive functions.
      Four, highly efficient management, the urban management level enhanced. The city's adhere to the "to govern the city, the system safeguard, the discipline, specimen and combination of the principle of" innovation management mode, perfect the management mechanism as a breakthrough, urban and rural carry out in-depth comprehensive environmental control activities as the main line, adhere to the city, town and village level 3 linkage, unremittingly carried out city environment, ZhenCun environment, the enterprise environment, such as the special activities, and further improve the urban environment purification, green, lighting, hardening, beautification, ZhiXuHua management standards; Through the entire aspect sound mechanism, strengthen the regulation, and further improve the level of urban and rural environment, promote the urbanization construction work, linqing sustainable development.






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Author:Zhejiang green budding decoration engineering Co., LTD
Main Product:PVC windows ,aluminum windows




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