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Make the Yellow River culture brand development of county economy
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      Big ning, is an ancient and magical land. Here folkway pure and honest, honest people, the beauty of the Yellow River fairy tales is widely spread; The weather is warm, rich products, "little golden" the good name of four party famous. Old and kind xin river water through all of the big ning, moist in this land of wonder at the same time, also breeds and watered profound cultural and rich folk custom.

      In recent years, big better the county, the county government based on making strong culture, and the scientific concept of development, the culture construction as enhance county of the soft power of the important action and the important contents of building harmonious society, and to create strong culture for priority, research the historical culture, to build "the Yellow River fairy" and stone culture culture brand, pay attention to the coordinated development of urban and rural culture, strengthen the construction of harmonious culture, the cultural undertakings powerfully driving development and prosperity for the sound and rapid eco-social development, provides power.

      Big zhengning county in order to further PVC windows develop and expand the cultural industry, the new county, the county government made by the guideline of scientific development view, with the Yellow River culture, led by humanism ecological culture as the core, to cultivate the new cultural industry is the target. Scientific planning, accurate positioning, the integration of resources, the reasonable development. Implementation of the culture industry planning, thinking big, big, big, big development investment promotion, forming the government guidance, social participation, the market operation of the cultural industry of new pattern of development, and strive to create "the Yellow River culture brand", with the construction culture by thinking and decision-making, and shall be carried out step by step.

      In order to will be rich cultural resources into brand advantages, strengthen their leadership in the work of cultural industry, the development of cultural industry requirements to the county to work as "a hand" project, the main leadership overall responsibility form county, responsible for leading the specific catch, the relevant departments to work closely with pattern, organization, guidance, coordinate and solve the county culture industry development of all kinds of problems, and promote the rapid development of the cultural industry.

      Today, a large number of cultural facilities were set, become a good place for leisure and entertainment. Andy square carpet, neat and capacious. In the morning, a fitness the masses of continuous stream, the lights, with rising and sweet music, dance the masses, to become a joy to sea. County veteran cadre center, cinemas, theaters, library, reading room, youth culture activity center for cultural positions to realize the resource sharing. The county 84 administrative villages built the village culture activity room, peasant bookstore. All the projector, computer configuration of resource sharing equipment. Greatly improved the prosperity and development of the culture of conditions. "1025" period of prosperity and development culture further laid a solid foundation.

      For many years, big the rich zhengning county aluminum windows of the masses of amateur cultural life, meet the people multi-levels and spiritual and cultural needs as the main job will catch, Lantern Festival culture activities, high grade, the high-quality goods more, rich contents, various forms, in the number of wide, popular forms, has become the county during the Spring Festival irreplaceable cultural feast. Every major holiday calligraphy, painting, photography and other exhibition, attract all levels of audience actively participate in, make the people enjoy the cultural life of the edify. County veteran cadre bureau and a new bureau broad art troupe veteran cadres, the programme of literature and art since the play programs often tour to the country, favored by the majority of the crowd welcomed. "Give the movie" fields activities, showing thousand or more games in, well the superior finish the task of orders. Every year during the period of "two" special literature evening party, show the top grade, big echo, has become the county culture life of a large window. A series of cultural activities held, greatly enriched the culture life of the people, and to promote the culture grade of the urban and rural residents.

      Big zhengning county, practical, the positive development of the cultural industry, and form a new economic growth point and the pillar industry. The county outstanding make high-quality goods, around the Yellow River stone material quality is good sandstone fuss, successively built "lei xin stone material", "shicheng stone material", "impression stone Co., LTD" and a number of stone material processing enterprise and industrial park. Now, "lei xin stone" development and production of the 12 Chinese stone columns, panlong column, baluster, animals, calligraphy practice board, for its exquisite craft, the product falls short of demand, our products are sold throughout the country, the annual production value amount to 50 million yuan, has become the county has a unique product advantage of cultural industry. Investment more than one hundred million yuan impression stone Co., LTD, the product quality excellent low price, captured five provinces of north China decoration market. And production of nearly one hundred million yuan, profit is 10 million yuan, the county for economic and social development have made a contribution.

      In 17 th earnestly study and implement the sixth plenary session and provincial party spirit, the big positive development of the cultural industry zhengning county, forming a new economic growth point and the pillar industry, promote socialist cultural prosperity of big development, to make the county culture industry bigger and stronger, for the county economic and social development to make more contribution





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