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Shenyang city building surveillance of the new stage
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    With shenyang liaoning province the subway test operation into the countdown, shenyang this year's urban construction work has entered the last crucial stage. Up to now, shenyang city construction has been completed project invests 46 billion yuan, accounting for 95.8% of the annual plan, by the end of the year and is expected to finish 48 billion yuan.

    Urban construction key project progress quickly

    Shenyang city building plan this year overall goal is to achieve investment is 48 billion yuan RMB, a 20% growth year, accounting for 8% of the investment in fixed assets. Metro line 2 at a phase advance to achieve the "rail communication, dentsu, car hand", is on trial run, before the end of this month will begin to try to operation. East a ring ring expressway construction project, the construction of the bridge deck viaduct completed. Third, fourth land expropriation demolition work has been completed, the road is roadbed fill, pile foundation, a body, tunnels and bridge engineering construction. This year in the city of 213 renovation plan road, at present already is complete. North station comprehensive hub reconstruction project construction in full swing. Shenyang station integrated traffic hub is subject construction.

    All the luck building venues in full swing

    In the 40 venues, new venues 18, reform, venues 22. 18 major venues, shenyang aerospace university gymnasium has been finished. Liaoning university gymnasium, cypress leaves base being a bike museum, a shooting range, 4 projects is expected to be finished by the end of this year. Shenyang university gymnasium, shenyang medical school gymnasium, international performing arts center, glorious shenyang agriculture college stadium, shenyang agriculture university gymnasium 5 projects started construction. Shenyang equestrian sports center and the ball training center (QiPanShan golf course), triathlon venue, small tricycle playground, shenyang sports school gymnasium for art, shen north lakes golf training ground, QiPanShan mountain track, QiPanShan highway 8 project is on track the project examination and approval procedures, will have to be constructed. 22 a reconstruction plan already all venues transformation for complete, determined the implementing subject, transformation contents and funding sources. Finish before the end of the plan design, examination and approval, bidding for the work, and implemented reformation. 1 a municipal, eight district-level national fitness center construction, fitness equipment with ongoing bid procurement and construction such as the installation work.

    Gold corridor construction entered a new stage of development

    Gold corridor after years of construction, PVC windows now has turned to municipal facilities, underground space development (including comprehensive pipe rack), construction, and the development direction of the trinity. Before the end of the year, gold corridor tallest building--maoye center will reach 73 layer, 309 m, a group of the MiJianZhu will also stand along the street. Electric power, heat supply accessory construction has already started, water supply, water drainage, gas already identify lines towards, laying a plan. Gold corridor underground space development and use and comprehensive the utility tunnel construction completed preliminary planning. 2012 annuity corridor project to certain image, most of the project subject or along the skirt building seal a top, part of the project into the inside and outside decoration, in "twelve luck" former strive to more than 20 project completion or complete a side street outside elevation decoration.

    The people's livelihood engineering construction further implementation

    The city government investment of 11000 sets of public rental housing project all start work, ongoing basis, the main body construction or interior decoration and supporting the project construction. Heating old pipe network reconstruction project already complete. Secondary pump station improvement project has 79 place pump station has been completed transformation, 55 place pump station are implementing reform. Gas network reconstruction completed 20 kilometers. The subway vehicle parking lot has 5 place along put into use. The Yellow River street/beiling Simon pedestrian overpass and four overpass completed in early December. 5 in underground pedestrian subject completed, youth street/exhibition hall streets, engineering and ground ditch underground mining, main body completed by the end of the year, nanjing street/door underground passage has advanced into the construction.

    YuHongOu, LiaoZhongXian smoothly through state aluminum windows and existent biota (county) assessment acceptance, approval of the country (county) reach ecological six. A city three county four rural life landfill put into use. PuHe villages along the overall reconstruction in the river XinMinShi pilot after bubble owned the new 8 storied dwelling buildings saemaul undong all have caps. LiaoZhongXian watts tuo town, XinMinShi elm damintun town six key in the small towns of roads, water drainage and the infrastructure project goes well. At present, the rural highway 500 km already built, complete in the improvement of water project in 83. The project is already complete supplier equipment procurement, construction is organization comes into play.

    Modern architecture industry fast development

     January 31, shenyang been officially approved housing rural construction, to become the country's first modern architecture industrialization pilot city. China vanke spring the river and nine demonstration project startup, a building area of 1.33 million square meters. Li live, changsha ambitious, changchun and enterprise has formed both PC component batch production ability. Part 3 standard issued by the local technology, components production and acceptance, engineering quality, detection etc technical standard system constantly enrich and perfect.



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