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Seek people's livelihood and promote development efforts on the key
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In the "five" in the first year of development, including economic indicators, including the Songhai Development of the gratifying achievements, the effectiveness of the project forward significantly. Development in the grasp of development, steady progress is closely related with the masses of the people's livelihood projects. Objectives and tasks in the sprint critical period of the year, Songhai Development departments going all out, every second counts, in the early good work to ensure that the livelihood of the people on the basis of the implementation of work completed.

Promote the transformation of urban areas and improve the living environment

Low-rent housing project is implemented by a Songhai Development to address the housing problems of poverty-stricken masses safeguards arrangements in accordance with the municipal government, since 2009 the district has approved the construction of four low-rent housing projects with a total land area of ​​about 70 acres (including low-cost housing set aside land for construction in 2012), a total of 19 802 sets of 40,000 square meters. Which, in 2009 5 168 low-rent housing units 8400 square meters has been completed and put into use; 2009 4 150 new low-rent housing units 7500 m2 and 2010 5 244 low-rent housing units 12,200 square meters have been capped at present in progress internal and external decoration; 2011 plan to build five low-cost housing units and a total of 240 management space, with a total construction area of ​​12,450 square meters, the project has started construction on October 25.

To promote , improving the living environment, Songhai Development since July 2010 implementation of the Economic Health reservoir shantytowns. The project covers about 84 acres, covering an area of ​​about 40,000 square meters of house demolition, relocatees 374. Squatter resettlement housing area of ​​about 49,000 square meters, has completed the resettlement housing construction of the geological survey, design, research, environmental assessment and other preparatory work.

In addition, the new era of development and rural development is a necessary requirement for building a harmonious society. Accordance with the "unified planning, unified design, unified supervision, farmers self-built, step by step," the work of thinking, now, Songhai farmers Zone East Village arrowhead points a Project 15 (60) has been completed and delivered for use; Project II period of three 6 +1 suite building (60), 20 PVC windows four CIS (80) are also active in preparation. Arrowhead points to complete the construction of the East in the same time, the next phase, the district will actively carry out propaganda work, in order to point others to lead the construction of the village farmers steadily, continue to do Arrowhead Village, East Point two, Han Ping Village Point , Zhang Ping Village-point tracking supervision, to ensure the smooth construction of new countryside.

Promote entrepreneurship with employment, maintaining social harmony

Development will Huimin, Songhai zone in the early development of tangible things for the project, the project will be placed in employment, the primary business location. This year, the area in promoting entrepreneurship with employment and make great efforts on improving social security, to promote the region's economic development, enhance and promote public well-being index and contributing to social harmony.

Songhai Development actively promote the region through the employment service enterprises. New for this year to ensure that 200 people employed in urban areas, rural labor employment added 500 people to complete pre-employment training for 2,000 people in the target, the district launched a "spring action" and provide residents with business recruitment, free training, employment posts one-stop service. Held in early recruitment of multiple large-scale field has attracted hundreds of enterprises to participate in the district and outside, for the region to provide thousands of unemployed job. Among them, the only item on the recruitment of Nanchang Shuanghui more than 1,000 local workers, the employment rate of 98%.

"This year, I always put the service area of ​​Nanchang Shuanghui, electronics and other high level representatives of the new settled for the start of the recruitment business as an important work. Has organized a special recruitment activities 16 games, a good solution to the Nanchang Shuanghui a 1,500 employees and 300 high potential employees of the employment of electronic problems, won the company praise. "Songhai Development official told reporters that, combined with the company's recruitment needs, Songhai Development aluminum windows initiative to labor surplus area especially landless farmers by training them to master certain skills first and then recommend ways large companies strongly recommend to the region, there have been 580 local workers at the gates to employment. It is understood that the area give full play to the functions of labor and social security departments, schools and training cooperation, because enterprise system should be to develop targeted training programs, optimizing the training courses, professional training for selected teachers to teach doctoral level, and so has to Nanchang Shuanghui held more than 10 companies to train a total of 1,200 personnel, training results are obvious, enterprises and trainees has been unanimously endorsed.

At the same time, to actively carry out social security of farmers whose land the work zone according to settled business and employment needs, job placement with the force area, with the increase of the rural labor vocational skills, entrepreneurial training, were organized nearly 306 people within its jurisdiction the villagers had fruit management, computer skills training. Currently, the area has been completed, placed outside the multi-channel employment 497 landless peasants and landless farmers to ensure that enjoy the same social security benefits to the basic life security.

Implementation of farmer-friendly policy to enhance the well-being index

State whether the implementation of the preferential policies implemented in the hands of people really related to people's immediate interests. Fully involved in the protection and benefit the income of the "popular project", the Songhai zone to "qualified to be, on no condition should create the conditions" of energy, involving thousands of families to actively promote and enhance public well-being index the project.

This year, the Songhai Development Zone in four urban and rural residents in the first to start a small pension and urban collective enterprises to participate in old-age insurance; medical insurance for urban residents remain Kuomiangongzuo growth, this year, 7044 persons insured, to raise health insurance fund more than 170 million, reimbursement of medical expenses for the masses more than 90 million; small loans to increase re-employment efforts, strong support individual entrepreneurs, this year a total of 38 entrepreneurs small loans 1.88 million yuan, the development of livestock and poultry Culture 16, in planting eight, planted 12 fruit trees, aquaculture, 6.

At the same time, the area of ​​labor inspection staff to maintain social stability as a fundamental, serious, patient handling various types of labor complaints. standards and treatment standards; do a good job in disaster relief work, a total of 32,000 yuan relief fund, guaranteeing payment 471,100 yuan; re-examined and reported to the jurisdiction guaranteeing that families 208; the benefits of agricultural work, were honored this year, the kinds of benefits of agricultural subsidies 83.0149 million; arranging the completion of 406 aging farmers whose land is the land of farmers into the area of ​​social security areas, and effectively protect the interests of the masses, effectively promoted in the area of ​​social harmony and stability.
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