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Aluminum windows are becoming more popular
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Aluminum windows are becoming more popular according to industry insiders.

More and more people are opting for aluminum windows in their home, and they are almost standard in new commercial developments. Whilst there are many good wooden framed window units available, the fact remains that wood, being a natural product, is subject to all the resulting imperfections including the tendency to expand and contract with temperature changes and humidity, and to deteriorate over time. Aluminum, by contrast, is perpetually recyclable and will simply outlast wood over and over again.

With a choice of sliding, double hung, louvre, awning and casement windows, all available in colors of your choice, and different colors on the inside and outside if required, it is difficult to imagine any location where they would look out of place.

They enhance the look of any building, whether it be a house, an office block, flats, a warehouse, a hospital or even a religious building. And most designs are available in a number of different frame widths.

Streamline Windows was started in 1976 in Brisbane and has grown to become one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum window and door systems. Streamline Windows mission throughout that time has been to provide the finest quality products and customer service. Back in the 1970s they looked around at what was available for customers who wished to replace their windows or doors, and for builders looking to install modern units in their building developments, and they saw an industry that cried out for improvement.



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