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The Developing of PVC plastic windows
2011-9-16 19:54:02  Hit:18
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The Developing of PVC plastic windows

Plastic windows and doors in Europe after nearly half a century of development, has entered the mature stage, equipment, tooling and manufacturing standards, production and processing technology has reached the level of experience and world-class, European-style windows are still open but monotonous way, the appearance of thick, poor economy , cavity wall thickness less problems.  In the Americas, especially the United States, Europe, the introduction of plastic door and window technology, not mechanically, but to improve the formulation system, the development of a multi-chamber off the design, and methods of installation, doors and windows open way, the glass assembly methods also been improved.  But American plastic doors and windows manufacturing process complexity, intensity of wind pressure increase is more difficult, more difficult production profiles, in particular, the use of organic tin system will require a lot of titanium dioxide, the high cost of formula.  European and American plastic windows plastic doors and windows with different features, the plastic door and window industry for the development of China have played a certain role.  Plastic windows and doors on the domestic industry, not only to study the introduction of technology, plastic doors and windows should learn from Europe and the United States the idea of ​​the development process, and adhere to the road of innovation, establish a standardized and orderly market environment, and actively promote the use and healthy manner.



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