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Coming clean about ductwork
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Q: My windows in my older Tudor style house are cold and drafty. How can we avoid the draft?

A: If you're talking about Uncle Sam, you're too late. If you're talking about your windows, you're just in time.

Everyone knows that houses lose heat through walls, windows and attics and up the chimney. That's a lot of ways to lose heat and throw away money. If you have an older house with those steel windows, poor quality aluminum windows, you could be losing 20 percent of your heat through them.

Without spending a lot of money on new aluminum, vinyl or wood PVC windows, you can tape plastic sheets or insider storm windows to the frames. Sure, it looks funky, but if you had the money you would probably replace those windows. So to help you save money for those new windows, in the meantime install those inexpensive insider storms. They'll help with convection currents. That's where just the cold air radiating off the glass causes air to fall and you feel a draft. They'll also help with conduction. You know glass is a good conductor of heat. Putting on storm windows, double glazed windows, or even the insider storm windows provides somewhat of a dead air space, which is a good insulator.

Finally, you should have listened to me earlier when I told you to re-glaze those windows, and caulk and weather-strip them. Doing that, of course, would have reduced air infiltration and, of course, saved you money.


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